Coworking space vs Dedicated space

Coworking is a concept that is gaining popularity worldwide. Most professionals like working in an environment where they get to interact with each other rather than being alone. Coworking spaces offer them the independence and flexibility they need.

On the other hand, if you have some work that requires a lot of thinking, you will need some private, quiet space for you to be productive. A dedicated space will be ideal for you.

Depending on the job that you do, you may go for whichever type of workspace that suits your needs. Whether it’s sharing or a dedicated space, the choice is yours. Let’s have a look at the two to help make an informed decision.

There comes a time when you just have to move

Coworking is good, but it has immence benefits. If you have a few employees, it is wise to opt for a collaborative space.

As your firm begins to grow and the number of employees increases, co-working spaces tends to become costly. You have to rent more space to accommodate all your employees. At this point, looking for an office space of your own could be sensible.

At times, leasing an office is cheaper than working in a shared space. However, this may vary from one person to the other. Once you are in a position to meet all the costs associated with getting your space, it’s time to move on.

The environment matters

As the number of your employees grows, the work environment in a shared workspace also starts being affected. Everyone is in business to make money. But the surroundings you are in should also offer the peace that you require.

It is evident that where there are more than 30 people from the same firm in the same space, noise will be inevitable. The level of privacy will also be affected.

You could be discussing business matters and arguing out your points. In doing this, the noise may distract those next to you or vice versa. When you are quiet, they are loud, and when you are loud, they are quiet.

You may also end up not having enough space as each organization grows.

Dedicated office space provides serene and quiet surroundings. You and your coworkers can meet, think and brainstorm without any form of distraction.


Coworking space is most likely to be your first working space. Here, you have the opportunity to build your name by having events that are useful to the business people. You also have the chance to create awareness for your startup in the community.

For startups in coworking space, there is a better understanding of the community which they serve. You are in a position to know the available investors locally. You also get to interact with people that might help your startup to forge ahead.

The fact that you associate yourself with any workspace gives you a lot of benefits. You have access to information that could be beneficial to your team. It also opens opportunities for continuous learning and development.

Dedicated offices restrict people in a way, giving them little or no access to interact with professionals from diverse fields.

Sense of belonging

In a co-working space, the sense of ownership is not there amongst the employees. The reason behind this is that you have no permanent place to settle. You may lease a space, but within some few months, you will need to move to a new area. It’s like sitting comfortably on someone’s couch.

When you get your own space, you feel that finally, you have an opportunity to express who you truly are. You can comfortably do what you want in your office space. It is also a sign that you are growing.

Flexibility and reliability.

Are you in need of workspace that’s both flexible and reliable to accommodate your busy schedule?

Coworking gives you the chance of choosing whatever space you feel suitable to work in. As your business grows, you realize that you need more space. If your budget allows you, you can then move and get your own office space.

  • Commitment

For startups, it is wise to avoid shared spaces as there is no commitment when it comes to office costs and other charges. Dedicated space requires that you cater for almost everything right from the Wifi all the way to the cup of coffee that you never want to miss.

  • Availability

You can get coworking spaces in several places convenient to you. Dedicated spaces will require an additional cost for you to get a space in a convenient location.


Your workspace should be a place where communication is vital and open to all. Proper flow of communication across the entire team leads to bonding; you get to understand your colleagues better as well as develop some sense of belonging. Through this, you get to build a motivated team.

In a coworking space, sharing of desks with different entrepreneurs provides opportunities for coming up with innovations and even partnerships.

If people are working separately and have no time or common place to come together and speak out their minds, you could be losing on a lot of innovation, productivity, and team building.

Whichever the ideal workspace you choose, the bottom line is that it has to be convenient for you and your business.  Take your time and look out for the best alternative that will work for you and help you meet your ambitions.