Impetus Behind Corporate Coworking

Impetus Behind Corporate Coworking

These days corporate coworking is a very commonly heard term. And with its growing trend, flexibility is becoming priority for all the workplaces. Let us understand everything about the coworking environment in this article.

What Is Corporate Coworking?

It is a style of working that involves sharing common space, office, or any independent activity. The basic concept of coworking is flexibility. You can work according to your time, and your arranged place. There’s no hard office rules levied on you. In short, you can work as a freelancer while corporate coworking.

Coworking is not entirely about the physical space, but more about establishing the community. People from same community interact and gain profits and new ideas from each other.

Background of Coworking

About few years back, some firms started opening affordable places for coworking to freelancers and other small organizations. Different people working for similar needs came under a single roof, which initiated interactions and flow of ideas. This idea has come forward as a unique way to see same thing from different point of views. In addition, this also increases the profit and gives better exposure. These all advantages lured big corporate firms too into the business of coworking.

Ways To Include Coworking

  • Two or more startups can share a space, and still keep their workspaces separate.
  • Large firm can rent a space in common area, wherein workstations are not assigned and flexible.
  • A startup with remote employees can rent space in the local city for proving employees a collaborative place.
  • Coworking space can be rented for departments that do not go well in the standard office.
  • A business that operates with remote team but has to collaborate weekly.
  • A remote team can rent the share space for certain client meetings.

Relation Between Innovation and Coworking

There are different combinations in which a coworking community can be established. One can opt to work with people from same industry, with same target audience but with different products to offer. As the target audience are the same, there is a high possibility of bouncing different sets of ideas. It will take the networking to a different height. But more than networking, it is about collaboration among these people and the potential to spark new game-changing innovation.

Coworking Is All About Collaboration

While working in a coworking environment, people will be mostly occupied with getting done with their own assigned duties. But as you socialize and get to know people around you, not related to your company, collaboration becomes a side effect but a healthy one. This way many new job opportunities can come forward after joining a community. There are also chances of new projects coming into existence.

Feel Like A Freelancer

Coworking spaces normally have limited operational hours, but still then it gives the feeling of freedom. It lets the employee decide when to work, where from, and how they want, even in the case of corporate coworking. Even though as a corporate employer, you might set some rules and guidelines on the working criteria, still the team members will get the freedom of working on a different desk every day, start work when they want, even leave as per their wish. They can even opt for working from home one day and on next day from the shared space. This arrangement gives them the confidence and trust from their company. It also lets them be a part of the community both internal as well as external. With day-to-day flexibility of a freelancer, the employees will appreciate the security of a corporate employment.

Benefits Of Coworking

  • Happier Employees

The very first benefit of coworking according to a survey is that workers felt that they can be their own selves in shared coworking spaces. Workers feel that they can find more meaning to their work and this benefits them from having autonomy and part of a community.

  • Trust Factor

These days, corporates are in a constant war for finding talents. Hiring an employee with niche skills is getting more and more difficult. With coworking, a company can assure its employees that they are working at a cool place. In addition, giving employees their own space and leverage of timing, makes them believe that you care for them and trust them. In return, they trust the company and work harder for it.

  • Exposure To Innovative Thinking

Innovation and out of the box aren’t left synonymous with the large corporations any more. And this is reason why corporate enterprises are looking forward to coworking spaces and models to experiment. This is done with a mindset to see if coworking space does some kind of magic and brings innovative ideas out from the employees.

  • Real Estate

It is seen that a desk in the coworking space costs nearly half the price of a desk in the traditional office. This way coworking also saves lots of money over real estate and to avoid Commercial Litigation and Lawyers

Is Coworking The Future Of Office?

There have been many ideas arising about coworking being the future of offices, although coworking is still in its initial phase. Everything will depend on how positive the outcomes will be related to productivity and innovation. However, according to me, it is difficult to imagine a corporate world without any single-company offices.