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A Coworking Space… A Community…

Le Sept offers more than just elegant shared joycasino официальный сайт workspace. We operate like a business club… We’re a platform you can use to make connections, grow your business and create a flexible work-life balance that works for you.

We believe in the merger between workplace and hospitality sector culture of sophisticated  service … You’ll love the new co-working environment with curated design, state of the art facilities, dedicated support staff and quality service.

Our elegant and inspiring workspaces are designed for every need – from just a hot desk for few hours to full time serviced offices, from startups to small businesses to established entrepreneurs.

We aim to help you grow your business… indirectly through a business club concept but also directly through an array of support services.. from company set ups to legal advice to business development, we have the resources you need to hit the ground running in the shortest delays..

So we’re on a mission…

We are out to connect the next wave of entrepreneurs, creatives, freelancers, and dreamers through our shared workspaces. Fueled by passion for our work and yours, we wanted to create the next iteration of coworking: An energizing place for our community to unleash their fullest potential. We set out to build an intentional community focused on performance and wellness. Each room is decorated with an exclusive original painting done by different artists from all over the world. As we always support artists and cultural activities

So we built a truly unique coworking space – Le Sept.

We love cities. We love the diversity of people, ideas, интернет казино online-casinos-2.com and resources converging on a single point. What we don’t love are the stories we hear about how little space there is. We’re told that finding a comfortable place to live, work, or play costs a fortune in the city because there’s just not enough space to go around.

But the scarcity of urban space is artificial. It’s a product of outdated ways of thinking. We’ve never been more technologically empowered, yet we continue to make buildings productive for less than 50% of the time, where demand for space exists 100% every day. But the problem we address is not only about availability of spaces, it is also about which space.

When working from home feels crowded and unprofessional but a conventional office space is daunting, we offer a flexible alternative with no long-term commitment.

We believe that you do NOT need to be in garage like place to innovate, create and collaborate. Le Sept is more than shared workspaces. It’s beautifully designed, thoughtfully crafted all around, from pricing to operation to decoration.

In our first location, we offer 7,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor work, play and event space located in the heart of Dubai’s thriving business bay canal view neighborhood. A few minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport and less than 5 minutes away from Burj Khalifa & Downtown Dubai. All centrally located in a great part of town. Spend less time commuting and more time creating. We’ve made it easy for you to frequent local shops, restaurants and businesses.

Le Sept hosts are always there to make sure you’re taken care of. We are always committed to hospitality.

Come over and visit us… you will like it… you will want it…. guaranteed!

Contact us today to arrange your personal tour.

Top-notch Hospitality,
Total Focus

Our friendly hosts greet you and help you with anything you need.
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