In our Lounge space, you will find:

  • Sofas and armchairs with “laptop coffee tables”
  • Coworking benches
  • Open desks
  • Focus booths
  • Meeting pods
  • Telephone booths
  • Concierge Service
  • Pantries, balconies and recreational areas

Our relaxed, comfortable individual Lounge chairs in an open area are engineered for rendering maximum sitting comfort and privacy, just feel that you are at home. Each has an associated “coffee table” designed for laptop use in a relaxed posture. So, just easily sink in and create a comfy cocoon around you!

Our stylish coworking corners have been designed with the idea that you do not need to be in a garage to create and collaborate … We endeavor to ensure that our members and visitors work comfortably with style. To access any open seat in the common area, just bring your laptop and get to work.

Join dozens of freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies in Le Sept’s open space area – the heart and soul of our office.

For some of our members and visitors, a new seat each day means increased chances for networking and collaboration best for individuals, freelancers and business travelers.