As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, the UAE has transformed into a thriving hub for global business in just a few decades. It is now an attractive option for businesses and investors alike with excellent transport links, and a diverse range of offices to work and homes to live in.

Its diverse economy now ranges far beyond the oil sector to which the region owed much of its wealth to, extending to fast-growing tourism, financial services, logistics and transportation industries to name but a few.

The UAE’s location is of strategic importance to business, as it benefits from the central time zone that encompasses both east and west business hours. The UAE, and particularly Dubai, has become the preferred hub for the region’s imports and exports, and its ports are now some of the busiest and most lucrative in the world.

Dubai’s open-border foreign labour policy has also become a contributor to its liberal trade regime, allowing businesses to recruit expatriate workers at internationally competitive salaries.

Key cities for business and office space in the UAE include Dubai, voted the world’s top city to live and work in. Huge government support for business development, business-friendly labour policies and impressive infrastructure all make the UAE a great option in which to set up your office space.

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